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Lounge N Lax


Xaydon LLC is derived from the words Xandra and Aaydon, who are my children. They were my inspiration for creating Lounge N Lax functional children's wear. When my son was an infant, while riding in the car with his winter attire, his head would be ringing wet with perspiration. I placed the average infant cap on his head to try and dry out his hair to prevent him from catching a cold but the moisture would absorb through the outside. I had to blow dry his hair so he wouldn't go back out in the cold with a wet head. I am a 

professional hairstylist and I knew how to control the blow dryer to keep him from being harmed. I took one of his towels as my inner lining, bought a yard of material, and that began my functional cap. I thought it would be great with a matching pair of lounge pants and thus became the beginning of Lounge N Lax.

Lounge N Lax [functional garments to Lounge and Relax in]

I firmly believe if I do for one child, I have to do for the other. My daughter didn't have the same problem as my son. She didn't like to get her hair combed. My hairstylist techniques kicked in again. Because I tell my clients to wear a silky scarf or wrap to bed to keep their hairstyles in place, that same technique can work for children as well. Wow, what a genius! Now my daughter can have her trendy set of Lounge N Lax but with a silky/rayon inner lining to keep her hairstyles in place while napping. This is great for moms because sometimes it can get hectic getting a child dressed especially if you have more than one child. The hair can be done at night and will save time in the morning. Two different caps with adjustable Velcro closures, two different functions, both with matching lounge pants and a matching carrying bag.

As my journey began, I realized, that children with a serious illness, such as cancer, could also benefit from Lounge N Lax. While in the hospital getting their test or labs done, they can be comfortable in a LNL set instead of wearing their street clothes or a hospital gown. Their heads can stay warm because often times, chemotherapy can cause anemia. Besides that, most cancer patients have a hard time finding hats that work. Most hats are scratchy to bare skin because they are designed to be worn over a full head of hair or they are made of wool, which will also cause hair loss. Lounge N Lax will camouflage the hair loss as well as protect the scalp. It can be considered as a chemo cap. Each child will be very stylish in their functional wear. Often times, if you look good on the outside, it makes you feel better on the inside. Xaydon's goal is to satisfy each child with a smile on their face.

Lounge N Lax's inner lining is an eco friendly product that is hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, and odor free. The bamboo terry cloth is ultra soft, cashmere-like, and naturally whisk away moisture. It is anti-bacterial and grown without pesticides and fungicides. The outer shell is made of 100% cotton. The styles vary from stripes, plaids, dots, paisleys, shapes, etc. Whatever your heart or style desires, you can wear it.

The sizes range from newborn, which is, xx-small to size 14 (children), which is xx-large.

Lounge N Lax is considered lounge pants (day wear) and not pajama's for children older than nine months to meet the regulation rules of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The caps may be worn to nap in, to serve it's functional purpose.

Take a peek into my world of Lounge N Lax to view the different styles. The larger style caps will come with or without the fringes.


Thanks for Visiting!

Karen Hannon